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Spokes is a small shop with a big bike life. As an epicenter for a diverse bike cultured community, spokes strives to encourage cycling in ways traditional bike shops fall short. Not only do we have unique products that other shops may not have, we pride ourselves in finding bikes for all kinds of cyclists. From weight and size appropriate bikes for kids to smaller frames for littler people and larger frames for larger people, our staff is skilled in listening to your unique needs and matching you with a fun appropriate bertha suits your cycling needs. We also specialize in comfortable bikes for older people with more specific needs.


Volunteers are essential in meeting our mission and with Family Bike Collective housed within our shop there are outreach opportunities for anyone with the desire to make a difference e the opportunity to get a footing the door at a bike safety event, intergenerational rodeo or bike valet event that we promote or organize.


We are currently hiring in all positions and need lead Mechanic I, Mechanic II, Retail Lead, Retail P/t. 

We also are looking for Spokes National advisory board and staff positions to coordinate events and manage our volunteers. 


Please check on the job descriptions below and fill out our employment inequity form below.