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SPOKES/ FBC membership ($100/year)


SPOKES membership is simple and advantageous.  

With your SPOKES membership, you earn more than points like other loyalty programs.

Each new membership referral you send us puts $25 into your account at SPOKES. IE you refer 10 members and earn $250 for in-store purchases. 

Membership also gets you 15% off accessories, labor, and select bicycles and offers you member-only opportunities to rent communal bike gear, attend member-only events and access member only content, newsletters and areas of our site. 


Purchase Membership here

SPOKES org and industry affiliate membership

If your School Business Club  Or group gets Affiliate membership, your members will get  $20 off their membership and your Group will get a donation of an additional 25% to your cause or organization from each membership.   

This is  SPOKES way of saying thank you for spreading the word and encouraging Local Business. 


Make money while investing in $poke$


You can Help stock $POKE$ with amazing Hyper Local goods & unique bike goods from all over the world by investing in our store inventory.


Our investors:

  • are people who have $500+ to add to our inventory. ( principal and interest is paid back on or before 90 days depending on inventory turnover. ) 

  • are people who understand the benefits of quick turnaround stock and the value of a 20% return on the retail stock would
  • rather invest in their community than sit on 2% interest in a bank. 

  • love bikes and SPOKES and can set aside an investment that works for their pocket. 

  • realize that with a SPOKES investment and the extra 20% discount, that you just can't beat up the investor savings at SPOKES Bike Lounge.


Check with us about our next quarterly investor mixer. 

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