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SPOKES  Pre Paid Services

Pre Paid Services allows you: 


• To reserve  slots in community                • Less waiting / More riding

workshops, classes and rides & eve          • Pre-Paid loyalty specials and discounts


• Reserved service time slot for                  •Book  Bike Valet  for your event



•Next day (24 hours)  Drop-Off and           •Reserve or book a rental or Demo bike



The Bike Lounge operates in a cozy bustling space. Because of this, every effort we make to expedite service in and out quickly keeps the place bustling with business but organized and easy to navigate. 

  • Maintenance Check-Up M-Fri

    30 min


  • Basic (labor only) M-Fri

    45 min


  • Full~$150 M-Fri

    Member Price $127

    1 hr 30 min


  • Overhaul (labor only) M-Fri

    2 hr 45 min