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The Spokes Philosophy

We believe that a community that cycles together will be healthier, kinder and more caring to one another with increased social interaction in nature.


We aim to get more people on wheels, to encourage independence through mobility and to build closer relationships between people.


On top of organizing community rides, we also screen bike movies, investigative documentaries produced by the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism and cook breakfast for our neighbors once a month.

We also participate in community events with bicycle demos, bike rodeos and provide bike parking to events all around the Bay Area. 

Brian Drayton has been a bike advocate for most of his life and is dedicated to getting more butts on bikes. In his case, he also helps to fix strollers, walkers and anything with wheels and brakes because he believes mobility will build a kinder world.


Pearly Tan is an investigative social justice journalist who joined the bike side of things after buying an ill-fitting but beautiful bike. She now understands the value of allocating money to bike tune-ups and bike fits and is dedicated to getting people on the right bikes.

The Family Bike Collective in a project of the Spokes non-profit organization that is dedicated to developing the next generation of cyclists.



We get children and youths on bicycles that fit their bodies, abilities and ambitions and encourage them to start riding early, ride lifelong.



Membership is $100 with a new kids bike purchase and $175 with a used kids bike purchase and includes full maintenance on the bike, access to group rides, bike maintenance classes and family biking equipment like trailers and racks and in-store discounts. When the kid outgrows the bike, bring the bike back to us and pay just $75 to bring home the next larger sized bike. 



We also partner with the Oakland Youth Triathlon Team, Berkeley High Mountain Biking Team and Oakland Composite Youth Mountain Biking Team to bring together young adults to push each other to greater heights.



In working to gather four generations of cyclists, the collective also seeks to set up partnerships with other organizations serving seniors such as St. Paul's Towers and North Berkeley Senior Centre.


The kids bike brands we support are Woom bikes, Islabikes and Cleary bikes. 


For more info, please visit